AMA with Free Code Camp — The what, the how; take a bow, ask a question now

  established: “656 days ago”,
  completed: “18,813,720 challenges”,
  donated: “$1,050,000 in pro-bono code”,
  pledged: “$115,254 to nonprofits”,
  certificates: {
    frontEnd: “2,150 earned”
    dataViz: “181 earned”
    backEnd: “143 earned”
    allThree: “65 earned”

TL;DR: Free Code Camp is hosting an AMA on Hashnode — starts on 6PM GMT, this Friday (5th August 2016). Taking questions in advance, now.

The what, and The how

Quincy started the FCC open source community, by setting up a company in California, called Free Code Camp, Inc. to support the Free Code Camp community; which pays for their servers, and other expenses. He is now just one of the many active contributors, of the Free Code Camp project.

To give you a brief — if you haven’t yet heard about Free Code Camp — you can work through a self-paced curriculum, by coding challenges, building projects, and earning certificates. All for FREE.

It takes about 2,080 hours to complete the Free Code Camp’s Full Stack Developer certificate, which translates into one year of full-time coding. Once you finish the first 1,200 hours of challenges, you’ll get to build a series of solutions for nonprofits. You’ll work in pairs, under the supervision of a volunteer project manager and a stakeholder from the nonprofit.

Community ♥️ — Take a bow

Community Betterment is one of the ideals that we share in common, with Free Code Camp. Spanning over 1,000 Facebook groups, in more than 160 countries; the sheer number of local communities formed around the idea of improving one’s code craft is not only amazing, but inspiring.

Thousands of people have gotten software developer jobs after joining Free Code Camp’s open source community. That’s huge!

Ask a question now

We’re excited to have Quincy — who is spearheading the whole FCC movement — host a live AMA with us, on Fri, 5th Aug 11:30 PM for 2h. Questions can be posted in advance, we'll email you once Quincy answers them.