Announcing Hashnode Originals

We couldn’t be more proud of the the qualitative community engagement happening at Hashnode in the form of insightful & thought-provoking questions, answers, and stories. Day in, day out, this keeps us motivated; and turns the little part we do to make it all tick, very exciting.

To scale this qualitative engagement a tad further, we are very excited to announce Hashnode Originals, our endeavour to increase the amount of original Hashnode stories, infused with great developer insights; and to reward the community for the same.

The What — Hashnode Originals, and what we are looking for…

Hashnode Originals, as the name suggests, are original pieces of content, that haven’t been published elsewhere on the internet.

We’re looking for authors with sufficient technical expertise, who have a knack for telling a story; taking one of the general themes listed below:

  • Real-world developer lessons
  • Thought-provoking developer experiences, bringing in a new perspective to the reader
  • High-quality tutorials with actionable insights
  • Case studies and Research articles pertaining to Software Developers

The Reward — Should you choose to be a Hashnode Originals author…

All accepted Hashnode Originals submissions will receive handsome monetary incentives. Apart from this, there are other incentives … let's do a list again. 😃

  • Editorial Help: Our editorial team will help you in bringing out the best possible version of your article
  • Designer Shine: Our in-house design team will help you with all the necessary graphic requirements (banners and other drawings) to give your article that extra polish
  • Magnificent Portfolio: We’ll help you in the promoting your Hashnode Originals, and over time a catalog of these will make for a kickass portfolio.
  • Hashnode Originals Badge: Once you author a Hashnode Originals piece, your Hashnode profile will be decorated with a coveted Hashnode Originals Author badge
  • Promotional Space: You can use it as a way to promote your work/start-up/or anything you wish to promote (related to software development, in general).

The How — Becoming a Hashnode Originals author…

Hashnode Originals will operate under the Hollywood principle for now. If you are a regular contributor at Hashnode (with a significant amount of great answers, and stories), we’ll get in touch with you, with an offer.

Having said that, we want to emphasise on what you DON’T need for becoming a great Hashnode Originals author:

  • Expert Writer: As long as you have got sufficient technical expertise and a knack for telling a great story - we’ll help you in increasing the reach of your skill further.

  • Native English Speaker: You don’t need to be a grammar ninja to be a Hashnode Originals author. Our editorial team will review your story, and aid you in making the necessary edits to make it shine, before publishing it.

That's about it! If you have any follow-up questions, or suggestions; don't hesitate to reach out to me at sai[AT] :)