Celebrating 25 years of Linux; Start your journey to become a Linux champ

Who would have thought that a message on the comp.os.minix message board, on August 25th 1991, by a student in University of Helsinki, would have been the precursor for a creation that would go on to become the poster child of the open source community. Linux rules the world, and is the one true king in the land of operating systems.

We love Linux, both the OS, and what it stands for — awesome things are bound to happen in an open community.

Join an open conversational community of 100K software developers helping each other become better, and make the awesome happen.

For this 25th anniversary of Linux; we've put together the best Linux content shared on Hashnode's community, that's bound to take your Linux knowledge from a novice level to a "know-enough-to-be-dangerous" level ;) We also have a cool infographic on the current stupendous status of Linux, and a brief timeline on how it all came to be.

Start your journey to become a Linux champ

Learn enough Linux to become a kickass sysadmin

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a solid grounding in Linux fundamentals and will even be ready to begin learning some basic Linux system administration tasks. By the end of this series of tutorials (eight in all), you'll have the knowledge you need to become a Linux Systems Administrator and will be ready to attain an LPIC Level 1 certification from the Linux Professional Institute if you so choose

Linux Kernel Development behind the scenes

The Linux kernel is the largest collaborative software development projects ever. This talk will discuss exactly how Linux is developed, how fast it is happening, who is doing the work, and how the developers stay sane keeping up with it. It will discuss the development model used, and how it differs from almost all "traditional" models of software development.

A brief timeline of Linux

Click on the image to view the full size infographic.

Join the Party

Here is what the developers at Hashnode are talking about #25YearsOfLinux. Come join the party, and have a great day ahead. 🙂