Why we do what we do!

At Hashnode, we have been asking each other the same question time and again, “What does ‘Hashnode’ mean to us?” One day, all of us decided on taking a brief pause to think out deep and wide on what are the most important, yet inherent values that have been guiding us to discover design gaps and solve them, with the Hashnode venture.

Here’s what we have come up, and we’re proud to have this list as a beacon, should we ever lose our way.


Hashnode is a community of people who’re passionate about Software, and if that defines you, you’re welcome irrespective of your experience, or your career.

Community Engagement

Engagement follows inclusion. It is imperative to us that we create the most frictionless channel for you to interact with each other; either by asking thoughtful questions, providing insightful answers, or being conduits of inspiration by sharing content that drives the desire to make.

Community Betterment

Everything we do boils down to an interest to aid each other in becoming masters of our chosen crafts.

Apart from having an awesome community, conducting AMAs hosted by the top influencers in tech, and teams solving interesting problems — where all of us end up getting some great insights — is an act that is in the spirit of this value.


This comes from our strong “community above all” attitude. Everyone has a say in the direction that we take. Do check out our Feature Requests page; if something is lacking in your Hashnode experience. Also, if you have a different sort of query on your mind; we are super responsive at hello@hashnode.com


"We firmly believe that a great software is not possible without great interfaces, and a great interface is not possible without great experiences."

With Hashnode, we’re hard at work on building Software to connect everyone who is passionate about Software; One of the cornerstones we are gung-ho on, is to ensure that as a Hashnoder, you have the best experience possible, with all Hashnode products.


We constantly strive to push boundaries, and have made it a habit to work on shipping features that are in spirit with of all these values; all of which contribute to a better you.

Cat Hugging

These are the values that form the core of our intent, and the “why” behind every “what” we do.

We’re working on a myriad of features that flow along these ideals. Stay tuned.

Do mail us if you have anything Hashnode to say, or you could just go for some smalltalk. 😁

Oh, right, the email … hello@hashnode.com